My Cats Are My Life

14 1/2 years ago I took in a cats protection league 18 month old rescue cat I called her Angel..she is a beautiful semi long haired white tabby..often seen in my profile pic!..She helped me get through my first divorce as I was single then..I adore her..For the last three years she has been ill with renal(kidney) failure..The vets gave her a year to live as she only has one kidney..yet she has proved them wrong! I. Have to put plastic under the litter trays in her room of which she now needs three and plastic down by my front door as she likes to pee there..When they gt ill and old they just get funny habits like this..Alhough its extra work I love her so much I don't care..
I also have a seven year old called Lilly..she is cute and mischievous..playful and loving..she is a brown and ginger tabby..her head is quite tiny so she looks like a kitten..when she was just over a year old I almost lost emergency vet failed to do a blood test. Despite her being very ill and in severe pain..After the weekend I rushed her into my own vets in the morning they had to act fast!!! She was diagnosed with a strange liver complaint it didn't even have a name!..The vet couldn't say why but she had liver damage with no known cause..They are indoor cats so no poisoning could have been possible..she battled her way back to health and is no a bouncing bundle of fur!

I couldn't picture a life without my girls..
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I can help you do some things for your cats and these things worked well for my cats. My older cat died from old age at 20, and the younger one is now 17. I've dealt with this problem before.
1. Make sure the kitty box is cleaned at least 3 times a day and that you have at least 2 kitty boxes. One i snot enough. When cats get old, they develop arthritis and start disliking the effort of moving heavy litter to cover their pee in the kitty box. Perhaps your older cat has arthritis too and you need to get some light weight litter for him.
2 to help with the kidneys, buy some or all of the following:
Raw Goat milk and give some to both cats. Buy fresh Dandelion greens (a bunch), take some and mash it in an apothecary jar. Then put 1/2 tsp of into your cats' moist food and stir it. Both cats should have that in their food. Please don't give your cats any dry food from now on. Only moist that has no grains and make sure it's a high quality food, not the one at the grocery store.
3. Next, you need to buy Cranberry Concentrate by Gaya Herbs. Please don't buy anything else. Take 1 capsule and puncture a tiny hole in it and squeeze out ONLY 1 drop of concentrate onto your pets' moist food. Not more than one drop. Mix it in the food and give it to the cats.
4. Also you need to buy some Raw Organic Virgin Coconut in a jar and give 1/4 tsp to each cat 2ice a day, or mix in their food.
Do all these things exactly like I told you and you'll see improvements. If the cats don't want to eat, you need to get a syringe from the vet and force feed them. Make sure the water is not from the tap, but bottled water and always clean. If you don't understand some of the things i recommended, please get back tome. Thanks

Thanks for the advice but my cat is allready on medication for her kidney..I also don't work due to illness so sadly cannot afford to buy all those for the litter I do change it throughout the day as needed & she has three trays in her room and there are three others in my small flat..thanks again.