Love For Animals and Nature

I have always loved animals and nature. They are a beautiful gift, full of surprises, bring a special sense of peace and happieness. It is also the best and most beautiful subject of art. From day 1 it has been my biggest attraction and passion.

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About the fly, don't feel bad, it's life span was most probably nearly over. My roach must have died of liver problems.

LOL! About your roach buddy. Thats cute! I think it is beatiful that you can see the actal beauty of life regardless of the form. I don't think it's because you grew up alone. Certain people just have that gift. When you take the time to respect it and alow it to show it's true colors, you realize alot. Small example, chickens are not stupid as most people think they are. My x had 5 acres of fighting roosters (sad) and I chose one rooster i held in my hand as he was hatching. He was so loyal and loving. He would fallow me every where, even to the store. He knew when I was depressed and would come over too me and jump on my head which cheered me up and made me laugh. Was potective of mommy too but not agressively. And this was a pure bred fighting rooster which everyone thinks that they are mean violent creatures. Not at all. He was one of my most loyal pets. Oh and about the bugs, don't feel bad. I always used to save dragon flys that were floating in the water. I also had a pet fly when I was a little girl. Sadly, I tried to give him a kiss and inhaled him down my throught. I felt sad that I did that to my little friend and freaked at the same time. I thought if you swallowed a bug that it would eat your insides out! Lol! I was 7 years old.

I had the most funniest experience with bugs in my house in Windhoek. I was always sitting alone watching TV and knitting while my husband was working in the shop at the back of our house. He only came in occasionly. I noticed these funny big black bugs always coming in and running right to my feet. A little but scary but I don't just kill bugs for that matter. I put my feet up on the table otherwise they will climb on you with no fear. My husband came in unexpectantly, saw one and killed it. It had a terrible smell. From then on the bugs were a little bit scared. They always came out when I was alone but if he came in the house they would all dissapear under the TV cupboards and chairs. When he is out they will all appear again. I did not know what to think. Can those tiny brains also distinguish between danger and who is danger? Very interesting. I love watching any anything from nature.<br />
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You may think that I am very weird know as some people say. I usually drank a glass of Whisky every evening after word and noticed a cockroach drinking a drop of Whisky that was on the table beside me. I watched it and when it walked away its hind legs would not walk with, he used to drag them behind.<br />
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The next evening I deliverately put a drop of Whisky on the table and there he was again sipping away on his Whisky with the same results walking away. An alcoholic cockroach? By the way that was the only one and it made for interesting watching for a few nights then it dissapeard. I even had a name for it Alcy! I must be very weird hey, but that comes from growing up alone on a farm with no siblings. I am not in the leaste sorry for that, I am very close to nature.

i get up close to bears mooes deer all the time they never seem to mined me i think they sences my epilepsy.

oh this is a wonderful thing. i love animals too. the last time i went fishing at this special place. there was a baby deer and i got very close and threw him a little food. it hardly had any people and i love the whole experience!