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Let me begin this by clarifying that I love my pets and I would never do anything to harm them in anyway. I am not into anything of a sexual nature with any animal.

With that said, I love to snuggle with my puppies. They have to be close to me as well, and it becomes a problem if someone else wants to sleep in my bed. They do not think this is allowable and will grumble from the foot of the bed until they are allowed to come back up with me (us).
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Our Dalmatian sleeps in bed, between us, under the covers. She always exits via the foot of the bed, and enters from the top.

We have our dogs on the bed to one sleeps behind my pillow and the other sleeps on the bottom of bed normally on mine or my wife's feet there is nothing wrong with it

Im jealous!! Im def looking into adopting a dog. However, I have concerns about the breed since I live in an apartment. Im thinking a havanese or bichon frise to cuddle with

Aww, i snuggle up with my pups too....We don't let ours in the bedroom but they are my snuggle monsters on the sofa!!

Sorry girl but that is wrong.<br />
It's bad for relationships, and bad for the dog(s). <br />
A dog loves to be part of a pack, it doesn't matter what part it plays, whether it is a pack leader or a submissive, so long as it is a part of a pack. <br />
We as humans are more intelligent, we understand the world that we have built better. Because of this we should be pack leader. You may think that you are giving in to your dogs wish to sleep on your bed, but that is where you are wrong.<br />
You are being too submissive to your dog, so it is taking the position of pack leader. Well if your not someone has to. This probably means that your dog believes it owns the bed and is allowing you to sleep on it.<br />
This is why I say you are wrong. Your dog allows you to sleep on it's bed.<br />
You should not put your dog in a position where it feels it needs to take charge, because you are not. It is unnecessarily stressfull for the poor animal.<br />
This also goes for carrying dogs, and letting then sit on your lap (especially whilst driving).<br />
Now may I sincerely apologise if I have upset you in any way, but I say this for the benefit of the dog. X

You don't upset me. My dogs are very submissive. They roll over if I raise my voice and they obey and will learn any new trick just to make me happy. And they stay at the bottom of my feet until I give them the okay. Then they jump on up and want to kiss me. It is usually just me in the bed so they have grown accustomed to it.

Eeeeew, dog kiss! You know they lick their own butt holes.
That's it we are never sharing a bed or a kiss, no matter how much you beg me. ;-) LOL X

Lol they don't kiss my mouth.


LOL although I bet my dogs are cleaner than a lot of kids in this world. My dogs are treated like kids in a lot of ways and that includes baths.

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