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I clicked this photo when i saw a kind act of a lady who was giving water to a monkey. i wish every one of us should think this way and love animals.  
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that does look special. My cats bring in 12 striped ground squirrels, it is one of few animals they can bring in and I can carry them outside without getting bit.

wow... that's a really nice pic :) makes you smile.

I havnt had such good experiences with monkeys.
more than 2 times.....they saw food in my hands....came running....snatched the food...made junglee sounds and ran away.

Yaar vichaar to tumhara achha he bt yaha agar koi insaan prblm me ho to log aankhe fer kr nikal jate he janwaro ki to baat hi kya he.

I just got a bottle of water.... shall we share if you are equally thirsty. ? seems mumbai is running short of water supply////

AAp brindavan ta mathura padhaare ... the monkey will jump to get your specs and then jump higher to a tree.
i used to feed chana & momphali /singhdana like this once... not now.
at baanke bihari ke mandir mein..aur woh haath se utha kar le jaate the...

just ask her if she considered the animal as hanumaan ki avtaar..
Jaroor raam /lakshman /sita ki bhakt hogi..

we all love animals, but we should be wary of potential rabid monkeys -.-'

nice click

we should help the needy no matters animal or human..

yes :)

hi kanishka,l will not forget to give you water... when we meet. l will not forget this picture !!!

there is something deep and kind in this picture that plays a deep chord inside me!



The monkey makes me think of some guy pestering me,

He is very hungry/desperate......for lil something.......


Kanishka "You need water";;;pppp

for monkeys yes i need :P

I mean female monkey hahahahahah.I will get for you in advance

gud one...

Feeding animals is usually not good for them, or for the ecosystem in general. This could be an example of an extremely well meaning person actually doing damage.

"When you can't be sensible, be kind at least, that is the next best alternative. So i appreciate this act of kindness also."

You are right about that. It's always a good start to have well meaning people. However, it's dangerous when people like these are manipulated by not so well meaning people, PETA, for example. That's why I try to tell people the truth. I'd like to believe that good intentioned people + information = good actions.

As for the picture, well, I'd lie if I said it isn't nice