Nature And Animal Girl..

Oh my love for animals and nature with out those life would be awful . I have always loved nature the wilderness my whole life since I was born. i love going camping hiking fishing hunting beach or nature walks finding different creatures I can take home and play with them then release back now I do the same with my 2 daughters . We have always owned animals too as of now we own 2 loving cats spookey and precious, 1 dog my Berner bear my only son hahaha really is he goes every where we go and my bearded dragon spike. My animals give me so much they listen they love and they give me strength . As nature gives me peace and joy and energy all kinds of wonderful.
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I loved living on a farm as a kid. Now I live in the city and I am depressed. 1 more year just 1 more year...

we are one in the same...minus the hunting....animals are my life