The Horses Ran Away....

I was working and living at this farm while studying for my Masters at Rutgers university in NJ. This farm was in Hopewell, NJ and I simply loved it. But I had no idea what horses were capable off. So one day after cleaning the stable, and feeding them i forgot to lock the gate to their enclosed area. To my horror these horse were out and running amuck all over the house property. I was running around them trying to stop them but then they decided to leave the house and run out on the road. I can look back and laugh as I remember running after these horse on the road. A family traveling in the car who owned horse stopped to help me. This women had two young daughters age 13 to 15 YO and they stood calmly in front of the path of these galloping horses and I was able to get these horse back. It was so funny me running after them calling there names, and yelling stop, stop, stay, calm down, LOL, nothing was worked. I was in charge of taking care of a chicken coup with dozen or more chickens, 2 horses, 2 sheep, 4 ducks, and a donkey. Also I helped the owners with farming around the farm. But the place was just beautiful. I had always wanted to have a farm of my own, so this was the closest I ever got. While I was living at this farm, few of my friends visited me while the owners were away and they simply had a blast. I was then perhaps in my mid 30's. The young girl sitting on the fence is now married and has kids. Behind her are the horses that ran out of the house on to the road.

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