MOOSE Charge

I went on are family camping trip! It is fun, because it is so beutiful in the mountains.  We just got done eating and we went down to are cabin! On are way there was a big bull moose!! All of these people kept throwing rocks and sticks at them. Poor thing! It ran behind are cabin in the field! We wanted to start rosting marshmellows so we did! Then my little cusin jumped up and YELLED " LOOK MOOSE!!" next thing I knew there was this huge nose and antlers sticking out of the branches!!  My dad yelled everyone onto the deck of the cabin! I could not get up that deck! I was scared,petrified. My mom looked so worried she YELLED "RUN MERVIN123" But I couldn't run I was stuck on the ground! Then I whispered good Moose. Then I ran around the cabin to the garage! Man that was sooo awsome!

mervin123 mervin123
18-21, F
Apr 26, 2007