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When I was little I watched my mother bring home animal after animal that needed care and a new home. Since then, her love for animals has kind of rubbed off on me.

I have three dogs and a cat. My dogs are Mocha (chihuahua/dachshund), Choco (chihuahua), and CoCo (chihuahua/dachshund). My cat, Sidewinder, is a normal tom cat. Mocha got her name because her fur just reminded me for coffee with creamer in it. She's my Mocha Latte and my Coffee Cup. Choco got is name to fit Mocha's... He's my Coffee Cake and the Chocolate with my Coffee. CoCo got her name from the fact that she my mix of coffee and chocolate... She's my Hot Chocolate. Sidewinder got his name because when he was a kitten he used to run at his brothers and sisters sideways while playing with them. [Note About Dog Names: In case anyone is wondering, I was obsessed with coffee when I named Mocha and I just kept up the tradition with my other dogs. Most people ask me about their strange names. lol]

Mocha is my first baby that I rescued after I moved out of my parents house. When we found her at her old home, I was with my best friend and we where meeting her friend at someones house. We got there and they said they had puppies and asked if we wanted to come in and see them. The more I listened the more I was just... Horrified. They wanted to take all the puppies and chuck them outside before they were even weened off their mom yet! I told them they couldn't do that and I offered to take them all off there hands. So here I am with there puppies that needed to be bottle feed and have good homes found for them. I found homes for two... but I fell in love will one. I named her Mocha. She is a great dog... I just love her to death. She likes to play fetch with pine cones and rocks. Don't have a clue why... She just brings them to me all the time. She's a very loving dog that likes to kiss faces... Always the face. She may not seem like it, but she's a very smart dog sometimes. Always brightens my day.

Choco is expensive. I bought him one day when I was visiting a city.. He was just too cute to pass up. He's Mocha's mate but they can't do anything anymore because I had Mocha fixed after her first liter of puppies. Complications and her near death made me worry about them having more. They still cuddle though.. It's so cute. Choco is just to adorable though. He has long hair and I have to cut it so he doesn't get stickers in his fur under his belly. When I cut it, he lays on his back with is tongue out and eyes closed. He kicks his foot back and sticks his butt in the air when we play. If he gets really happy he turns little circles on the spot. He attacks the blankets like a cat if my hand is under it.. he's just a real trip.

CoCo is Mocha and Choco's baby. She is just crazy and can keep me laughing for hours. She barks and grows a lot but when I tell her to use her indoor voice she gets a bit more quiet the more I say it. She loves to play and is extremely rambunctious. If I put my hand down beside her she will move all around it beating me up for all she is worth then runs away full speed. She never really bites me though... Any on-looker would think she was trying to kill me though. I don't know where she gets this energy but it never seems to run out.

Sidewinder is a half rescue because my mom couldn't take care of him anymore. She moved to a busy part of town and was afraid of him getting hit by a car... Since he is supposed to be an out door cat she didn't think she could handle trying to make him into an in door cat. I'm working with him instead and it's been hard. He still gets upset every now and then.. he wants to be outside. However, I think he enjoys the company more. He site in my lap a lot and gets a guaranteed meal now. Not to many time's where I don't catch him purring. He's a happy kitty... Just having a hard time adjusting to things.
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Fun read and yes...i will pass on the puppy breath as well xD

great story about some great pets!!! Am I the only one who likes that skunky smelling puppy breath???