My Dogs Lucked Out Today

Hello! Today our neighbours gave us 2 grosser bags full of dog treats and

rawhide chew bones that they had purchased at  a case lot store.

Apparently their dog did’nt care for them but my 2 dogs sure appreciated them.

We have always tried to make treats an extra special thing to our dogs

(like make a big deal about it - and give them a bit of time to savour the

flavour before given them another)

So today when my 2 dogs first laid eyes on the 2 bags of treats and then

I made a big deal about - look what “Sue” gave to you lucky guys –

I wondered if they realised that the treats were thanks to somebody else this time.

Usually I say – look what I got for you lucky guys but this time I kept saying –

look what Sue gave to you lucky guys.

They know who Sue is so I wonder if they put 2 and 2 together.

Also when ever our oldest son comes over for a visit he usually brings a box of

treats so I tease my dogs all day by saying –

James is coming over “maybe” he will bring you lucky guys some treats.

Cheers and happy week end!


Nanoose Nanoose
61-65, M
May 16, 2008