Animal House...

I too am an animal lover.  My friends always tell me I have a zoo at home. :)  Besides my 4 teenage children I have my little babies....3 mini daschunds.  Leyna is 4, Yenna is 3 and Anya is 2.  I have 2 identical siamese cats that I can not tell apart that are 5yrs old, Manney and Jocque (rescues that were found under firewood at a barn).  I have 2 rescue dogs outside Chance is a husky/german shepard mix with beautiful crystal blue eyes and a wonderful personality and Lyla is a lab mix that has been abused and comes to me and the kids mainly.  We just found a loving home for our rescued chinchilla we had for 4 years.  The 20lb white rabbit that we found on our porch 4 years ago (the size of a cereal bowl) that was litter box trained and the sweetest thing, just died about 6 months ago.  So needless to say....WE LOVE ANIMALS!! 

They are all like my children.  I can't see how anyone can ever abuse or dump these precious angels.  If I thought I could let them go to good homes (or keep them forever without my hubby moving out...hehe) I would take in strays.  They are like little people....such different personalities and temperments.  I just love them....:)

BrandiMG BrandiMG
36-40, F
Mar 9, 2009