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The Male Prostitute And Me...

A few years back I would find myself driving late in the evening, or early in the morning down Santa Monica Blvd., in West Hollywood, California. I loved to drive slowly--cruising I suppose, and look for the young men who worked the streets--hustling for a living. I saw quite a few, some beautiful, some not so but all trying to make some money to get by on. I rarely stopped and picked one up but one night I did...
He was about 5'9 or so, blond and had a crew cut. He was well-muscled, lean and had one of those looks like a military school boy. He was pretty awesome to look at. I did it and stopped, parked my car and found him as he was walking down the block. I asked him if he would like to come with me and he did. We walked around the various streets. He said not to worry he wouldn't rob me. I said I knew. My object at the time was to find a place where we could be alone and I could explore his body, feel his heat and find a little joy for us both.  Sometimes thing don't always work the way you would think they would initially. As I questioned him as to his beginnings, his present and future I felt a common thread in each of us. He became not just the boy toy and object of my infatuation but a flesh and blood person who had his own "big picture" idea for himself and was trying to get by, just like the rest of us. I felt in him something of myself and all of us. He became another part of me. I had the house, the car, the fancy this and that. He had the street and---ideas and hopes, just like us all. We ended up walking, driving and talking and what could have  become another job to him, a trick, turned out to be finding someone out there, out in the darkened streets of WeHo, who took the time to find another soul, looking as well, but finding that feeling flesh and experiencing the moment was less important than giving a different kind of love and acceptance to a "stranger". I gave him money and encouragement. I hope I gave him hope and an opportunity to be safe and look ahead to a future with promise. I am no saint, would have loved to explore his body, but instead we both explored our spirits, and that was good.
truyou truyou 56-60, M Aug 3, 2010

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