Dog Are Special Creatures!

I live in a rural area outside of a fairly large city.
Our little village is home to mostly elderly men and woman, and their family's.
During the spring time we often get hit with a large number of abandoned pets.
Dog's mostly. All sorts of dogs. Old dogs, small dogs. I usually can see roving groups of Rotwieller's and pit bulls. I guess people get them for Christmas Gifts then realize they are huge dogs that need special care. So the family goes for a ride in the country, drive into our small village and leave the dog behind in the park, or on someones farm.
In an effort to control the growing populations of these homeless, abandoned dogs, the county hired an extra animal control officer. He was a big guy, overweight and pretty obnoxious. He felt he was a county sheriff's deputy. He got to carry a gun, and thought he was pretty bad ***.
He was rounding up some strays at the park one Saturday morning. I was walking my dog Rufus.
This man, I will call him Bob, was dragging a small pit bull pup with his lasoo into his truck.
I was pissed. This was no way to treat such an amazing creature.
Soon I noticed several dogs to my right, and two more behind the truck. Big dogs! Unhappy dogs!
Now bands of dogs can be very dangerous and quite aggressive, these dogs were growling, but not advancing. In fact they seemed to be hiding. I counted three large rotwiellers, two full sized pit bulls, a border collie, and some little runt of a dog, maybe a corgy. Bob tossed the pup into a cage on the truck, removed his rope and then slammed the door. The corgy was distraught. She barked and barked, and even ran to the back of the truck to check on her friend.
Brilliant Bob, never accused of being smart, panicked, pulled his gun and downed the 5 pound dog on the spot. I was horrified. the other dogs scattered. I could not believe what I had just seen! I immediately dialed 911.
The sherriff himself responded. This was serious. No county Deputy had fired his weapon in over 25 years.
Good old Bob declared self defense. At least four people witnessed the shooting.
All charges were dismissed, but so was Bob. Thank goodness.
Our new animal control officer is Amy. She refuses to carry a weapon, and I have seen her talk a 150 pound Rotwieler into her truck.
Amy and I have become good friends. Hopefully people will wise up and treat their pets with dignity. Please don't abandon your dogs! It is a dangerous world out there, and these are house pets, not wild animals. How would you like to be left in a strange place to fend for yourself, no food, no water, no money. It's not fair!
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You are such a beautiful person, you feel for these poor animals.
I bet everyone loves you where you live. Please add me as it would be lovely to get to know you.

Such an *******.<br />
In Germany, hunting areas are rented for 10 years to the highest bidding hunter for such a period. Hardly anyone has a gun or rifle, except hunters and people in sport shooting clubs. They have the right to kill stray animals on these grounds if these animals hunt other deer.<br />
<br />
Now this "hunter"guy here killed a cat, 8 years old, the pet of a family. Also, he shot onto a dog.Nobody in the whole village talked to him anymore, the pub didnt serve him a drink, the tires of his car were repeatedly slit open....he had become a pariah. He voluntarily gave the area back to the village who rented it out again.Such an *******. He was lucky that he was not beaten up badly.<br />
<br />
I am very ill, and my dog of 6 years is very dear to me. If someone would ever hurt her, I would kill him, and if it was the last thing I'd do.

thank goodness Bob is gone, and you are sooo right about people abandoning their pets. These people need to do a reality check before they take on the responsibility of caring for them. It's a lifelong commitment, not a novelty that eventually wears off

Thank You, I agree 100%

This story made me cry, some people are just so stupid~ Karma will win.

I was a teenager when a city meter reader threatened my dog with a wrench. He understood his mistake when I put a hunting arrow between his feet and nocked another.

hunter shot my dog once as a act of revenge against us becuase of my family saying he can't hunt on our land....its sad

Some people are just crazy! Lucky it was just a dog!
Saying that, I would have been devastated. I really love my dog.

There is no room for creulty to animals. I had dogs growing up, and they were great companions to our family. I have found dogs to be a bit burdensome and needy for myself, with working and being involved in activities that take up much of my free time and away from the house. I have adopted two cats however, who are easier to care for, are just as loving as dogs, and can entertain each other during my times away. Ever wonder how it is that people like Bob get hired for these positions?

yeah all the time, I bet he had some relative in the county government.


Thanks for sharing I am disgusted by people who abuse animals.

I can't imagine abandoning any pet I've ever owned. I am disgusted at how people can do such things to their pets. I hope things improve in your area and people get some common sense in them but that maybe asking too much.

Oh I know why they do it. Too lazy to take care of it. A sad state of today's America.

I hope Brilliant Bob is not around any animals for the rest of his life and thanks for calling 911. I have a recue dog myself and I don't know what I would do without her

My whole point was that these dogs do pack up, itis a defense mechanism. So treat them nice, they are just trying to survive. Most of these dogs would make wonderful pets.

My daughter was mauled by four dogs. The dogs are not strays but belong to well to do people who keep the dogs as guards. She was returning home at around 930 pm when the dogs set upon her and she was bitten in 12 places. Lucky she lived. The dogs bit her on the legs, buttocks thighs and had her in their fangs and started to drag her towards the sidewalk. This still chills my blood when I think about it. Dogs that have owners can go back to their wild ways when in frenzy. <br />
<br />
Two dogs have been put down and the family paid compensation but one family says they love their dogs and have asked for the dogs not to be put down. And are negotiating compensation and even asked not to pay. This happened on a public road while she was returning home from uni. She's now so afraid of dogs. We love dogs and have two that we love so much.

It is the trainng that is at fault here. Maybe the owners need to do some jail time! Anytime you have more than one dog together their is the treat of "Pack" mentality. This needs to be trained out of the dogs. I hope your daughter recovers and gets the compensation she deserves.
Than k you

People who are cruel to animals do not deserve any mercy, and in fact they should be punished. That man is disgusting, and I hope that he receives some kind of karmic justice...not just losing his job.

I am inclined to believe that Bob, the Sheriff does not like his job and even himself. He is in a wrong job. He should be selling water melon.

Well I think he is now sweeping a bar "downtown" lol

I live in Fiji and the stray dog problem over here is huge. People abandon their pets by driving to another town!! to leave their dog.

Very Tragic. Stray dogs can pack, and be very dangerous. They are just trying to survive!

My dogs name is rufus too!<br />
He came to me in the dead of night. someone was knocking on my door!<br />
When I checked I saw him. Shivering and cold, big sad eyes, begging for some love.<br />
We took him in, and he was wonderful, a great pet.

Wow! same here my Rufus is a big ole Rotwieler, but just a little puppy at heart. He thinks he should be a lap dog! lol

thanks for sharing your story abeethatstings. it's great that you now have a decent person doing the job and that you have befriended her too ... a good outcome. where I live, in rural Ireland ... animals are abandoned all the time, just thrown out of cars on the road. I have an adopted male cat who was an abandoned stray ... and also a dog who we adopted a few years ago but was since killed on the road in an accident. On talking to neighbours within a two or three mile radius of my home, they can all relate stories of how so and so got their dog because it was found abandoned on the road nearby ... it's very much a common occurrence. Sad but true.

I got my Rot.wieler Rufus that way. he just came up to me and wanted to stay.

this is so sad

I just saw another article in our local paper and it spurred me to tell my story and express my sadness!

Good for u! Most people would not have bothered, I've found that people who care about animals are good people. I've not been proved wrong yet.