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Most Comfortable

I'm always most comfortable with animals. Its like I can relate to them easier then I can then most people. I was at a party and feeling really uncomfortable and I just sat down and just kinda easily snuggled and pet the three dogs there, and it was totally cool just petting them and hanging out with them. There is no falseness, and they are just totally honest about how they feel with you. Its refreshing to have them around you. I was actually surprised that in the middle of petting them I had no inhibitions and didn't care at all what anyone thought of me just totally being comfortable with the pets. And I felt like I could just get on the ground and play with them all day and just not care. It was refreshing to be that way. Dogs seem to have a way of bringing that out in me. I'm just comfortable with them. I'm certainly not comfortable around most people as much. I can just be me with them and they seem to get it. Dogs really are our best friend. :)
chimbie88 chimbie88 36-40, M 2 Responses Apr 3, 2012

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I feel the same way sometimes. I love petting random dogs and cats lol. Dogs are definitely very loving creatures.

That's awesome. I totally know what you mean! I always feel awkward at parties too and pretty much as soon as I get there I'm like, "Jesus, find me a cat or dog or something!" I really love how they just don't judge you, and expect absolutely nothing. Refreshing for sure :)