They Protect Me.

I love my dogs, they are my boys. I got them from an abandoned litter five years ago. My friend called at 5:00 am in the morning to tell me that she had
found a box along side of the road. In it were four tiny puppies, approximately 3/4 weeks old. I could not believe that someone could do such a thing. I head tailed it over to her place which is a half hour drive from where I live.
They were all so beautiful, German Shepherds - three boys and a girl.
We took them to the vet the following day, and he gave them the all clear.
To make a long story short, my friend took two, and I took the other two.
Their names are Jack and Jacob.
I guess the best things in life are just met to be =)

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I would have done exactlly the same thing in that possition as I can't leave an abandoned animal on it's own as specially dogs.

The puppies were so lucky that an angel like you found them before something bad happened to them. I, too, had a similar experience several years ago. Some smuck abandoned three puppies in the parking area of a waterfall hiking trail. I loaded them into the back floorboard of my car and took them home. On the way they got sick and vomited all in my car. Poor babies. The vet said it looked like they had been eating "roadkill" just to survive. They were only 9 or 10 weeks old. One was a boxer and the other two were English Sheppherds. Luckily I found wonderful homes for all three including my next door neighbor, who had been looking for a pup for their four year old autistic son. They took the female sheppherd. They couldn't have made a better pick, as these are herding dogs and are often trained to be companion dogs for people with special needs. It was great seeing "Pepper" grow up with little Chance, and it was great to see something good come out of something bad. Bless you!

That's a lovely story. You also came along at the right time to save the little guys.
I fail to understand how these type of people can abandon helpless animals.
We can only hope that life's justice will catch up with them in some way.
Blessings to you as well :)

as the song says the best things in life are free

I love your sharing of your great German Shepard dogs. This breed can be versatile in their talents. Guide dog, police, drug sniffing, rescue etc. Mighty intelligent breed. I wish you well with your pets. They are part of the family too.

I love your sharing of your great German Shepard dogs. This breed can be versatile in their talents. Guide dog, police, drug sniffing, rescue etc. Mighty intelligent breed. I wish you well with your pets. They are part of the family too.

Thanks for your lovely post :)

I agree. Our dog is 9 now, she was rescued from the pound when she was a puppy (was very abused and neglected) but did not work out with the family who took her in, so we took her. We are so lucky to have her! She is my baby, and the best dog I've ever had. She is the best behaved, sweetest dog ever. Since I am somewhat disabled, I am home with her a lot and she acts like a companion dog even though she's never been trained! I agree, dogs are blessings, I don't know what I would do without her.

Thanks Bronte36. Greyhounds destined for racing are subjected to an awful life whilst racing very often a brutal end before they are three years of age. They are used and abused by the racing industry then spat out as so much trash which Is why I am against racing too many of them encounter broken bones and injuries that are repairabel but not financially viabel which is why it is cheaper to get rid of the young otherwise healthy greyhound and aquire a new one it is such a waste of young healthy sighthounds. I alert others to their plight and ask that no one bets on the poor greyhounds and that people make the choice of not attending any races simply put the greyhounds run for their lives on those tracks too many are born and discarded before they are a year old a very sad and unescessary waste of young lives. The picture is of two of my greyhounds namely Tristan and Darcy. Thanks for your compliments if you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks again for sharing your lovely recolection. Greydk and the lads.

You have got to be special, special people to take in these dogs that have been abused and neglected. I've read about their plight for a long time and just despise the whole greyhound racing field because of how these beautiful animals are treated! It amazes me that people can use them and discard them like they have no feelings - it says lots of bad things about the people in that industry (if people would quit betting on them, there would be no money to be made and this would stop). Thank you for loving them and being their protectors - they are absolutely beautiful!

Thanks for sharing your love for your German shepards. I have got three ex-racing greyhounds. I find the free to good home greyhounds and give them what they have never had a good life filled with loving care. They are exeedingly loyal loving and very protective especially the ones who have not had much of a chance. I love my four lads my three greyhounds and one whippet.I believe its fate that we end up with the fourlegged family members we do. At times it is a choice other times it is more than that. Thanks for sharing your lovely recolection.

Your welcome greydk. I can tell that you are also a dog lover. I like your pic as well. I'm not very familiar with greyhounds and whippet's. I believe that they make loving and gentle pets.
Thanks for your positive input and great post. :)

With the slightest mention of dogs, I was so excited, what excites me most is the breed. I love dogs, they r my friends. I hang out with them most of the time. Don't know much how to explain myself, but all I can say is if u r a dog lover I can feel your excitement. Good luck with u and those two awesome brred boys ;)

Thanks for taking the time to post your comment :))

I'm cruel to humans but love my babies. 3 cats & a chi hua hua .I would never spank my babies but I love whipping men till they scream.

lol...oh! dear.

The first dog I ever had is 13 now. He's a fuzzy yellow mutt of undetermined origin, probably collie/wolfhound/stuff, who knows, who cares? He is beautiful. He has seen me through some really bad times, and we've had some seriously good ones.<br />
<br />
We have two more now: another mutt, abandoned through no fault of her own, and an Akita with a chequered past. We have one behind us, a dear, excellent, magnificent boy whom cancer ate young, but who really, really lived. They are family. They are loved. They love us back. We know this.<br />
<br />
If anyone ever tells you that your boys are 'just dogs' smack them in the face-- even if you have to do it only in your imagination.

lol...ok! I'll give them a knuckle sandwich.
Thanks for your wonderful post Blendinha :)

Awww I would take one if i could. I want another dog. I have a yellow Lab who is 12 and I want another one. I

Labs are gorgeous dogs :)

This is a great story for you and your friend thanks for sharing

Thank you sirdan :)

Reading all of the posts here really make my heart warm. So lovely to see others who love animals especially to take a stray/rescue animal into their home. I have so much respect for all of you. <br />
Just to share a bit of my story. I was the last child with much older siblings before me and lived in a bit isolated house in the area. So, I was playing alone much of the time. Some people thought the area near my house was an ideal place to dump kittens or adult cats. As there was nowhere for them to find food in the forest, they would find their way to my house. I remember some nights I heard a kitten crying and the next day I would spend to whole day going to the edge of the forest calling them and bringing some fish to attract them. My parents didn't like cats then and discouraged me from doing that, saying that they would keep on coming as people dumped cats there all the time and one day we would end up with 50 cats in the house. Like most kids, I didn't listen to my parents:) So I saved half of my portion of fish during dinner for the cats. We didn't end up with 50 cats but my parents at the end had to give in and we had a few cats. They became good friends to me and I wasn't playing alone anymore. <br />
Since then, I had picked up quite a number of stray cats. As there are many stray cats in warm climate country, I normally choose the worse off ones. Some were too young to survive on it's own. A few who were covered with skin disease and not much hair left. It took a few vet visits and I had to wear gloves to put on the medication cream everyday because it was that scary even to look at. But all that paid off when 6 months later they have a shiny healthy hair and their personality came out when they got better. I can't described the feeling of happiness seeing them playing and happy. There was one who had an opened fracture (not sure whether she was beaten up or was hit by a vehicle). It was my 13yr old nephew who took her home (he has a habit of picking up stray cats too:). Even though she has a limp until today but believe it or not she is so feisty that she would even scares big male cats who wonders around the house while my own two male cats hiding behind her. <br />
I also foster some rescue animals and help local animal rescue group. I think if you don't have time or can't adopt an animal for whatever reason, this is a great way to help them. You'll be surprised that an animal rescue group exist even how small a town/area. So, I hope all of you will have many many great years with your pet and many more laughs + affection from them.

It takes special people to take in animals - all of ours have been rescues and I wouldn't have traded a one of them for a million dollars! Right now our kitten (9 months old) is tearing through the house - we found her at 4 weeks, hiding in a briar bush, out in South Carolina July heat. I fed her with an eye dropper, held her while she slept, took her to the vet, worried about her crying and now she's a sleek beautiful black feisty girl that means the world to me! I am more of the cat lover while my husband is more the dog lover so it works out really well! I am glad to hear that your 13 year old nephew takes in stray cats - that means he's been raised well and has compassion and sympathy for animals (give him a hug for all that)! It's so hard to find a teenager that isn't focused only on themselves these days, that just makes me smile! We are looking to get another dog from a rescue group in a couple of days and I am just excited about it!

What a gorgeous post. Thank you for sharing your story, bluekitten :)

We just lost our Jack Russell of 9 years to cancer and it's amazing how big of a hole a 25 lb. dog leaves in both our hearts and our home. We are going to look at another JR puppy this Friday (will probably bring him home with us) at a rescue place. Our dog was my husband's little shadow and went everywhere with him (I was more the loving care giver that would do while my husband was at work!). He was a funny, loving little bundle of energy and love and we miss him like the dickens! Last July me and our neighbor rescued a tiny kitten from an abandoned house - she was hiding in a huge briar bush. We got her out, she came home with me and has never left - and it would be over my dead body if she did! She was about 4 weeks old and I fed her with an eye dropper! She's now a beautiful sleek black kitty with question-mark green eyes who gives me more love, laughter and enjoyment than I ever thought possible! We truly believe that the rescued animals make the best companions (I hate to say pets because I just feel lucky to have them as mentors, listeners of my problems, teachers of patience and they have given me the ability to just laugh and experience true joy just watching and playing with them). I not only love my cat, I am in love with her! That is how I felt about our dog, and I'm sure I'll fall for the puppy we're to visit on Friday! If you can adopt a rescue dog or cat, give them care, attention and love, please do. You won't be disappointed, only rewarded!

They are sweet lovable little dogs that are smart, energetic and funny! I am so glad that you (and your family) figured out that these dogs have emotions just like humans! My husband went to visit relatives for 3 days one time and our dog sat on the porch and looked up the road for him, just waiting for him to come home. He looked up at me longingly with those soft brown eyes and I knew he missed us when we weren't home. People can say what they want, but I too believe that dogs (and cats) have emotions. I like the Rainbow Bridge poem/story about dogs waiting on their guardians and playing with each other in the meantime - no cancer, no abuse, no neglect, just wonderful fun and lots of petting! I hope you find another dog to share the joy of life with, to love and protect!

I'm sorry to hear about your beloved Jack Russell. Pets bring much joy into our lives.
The sad thing though is when we lose them, it hurts a great deal, as they become such a big part of us.
So glad to know that the little kitten was rescued by you and your neighbor :)
Thank you for your heart felt and beautiful post, Jstb. You sound like a wonderful and caring person.

What a beautiful story, thank you for sharing it lydream. I also believe that animals have souls and can love us as much as we love them. I hope they are together again in the spirit world &lt;3 ..

That's such a touching story. Thanks for sharing it!

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What a lovely story! I sadly don't have any dogs at present and like one of the other posters dream of the day when I can. I have a fantastic cat Leo who is so loyal and loving (in fact several of my friends have believed they would have to take him to the bathroom with them as he was sooo well attached to their lap!) I still can't believe people would dump animals but sadly it happens all too often. My mum had a magnet for lost and unwanted animals, the amount of times we would go out for a walk with our two yorkshire terriers and find some waif and stray. My mum preferred animals to people and to be honest I am very much in agreement! So glad you and your dogs came into each others lives and may you have many happy times together x

Thank you so much for your wonderful post, Leo sounds like a great cat to have =)

Dogs are man's best friends. Nice you rescued them from the street and treat them as members of your family.

Thanks, I think they were a gift from the universe :)

As human beings, we dont understand sometimes the true essence and myth of life. However, I have two beautiful dogs. I cant explain what my life and past years have been. I am seeing the light again and coming back to reality and turned a blind eye to the truth of my life, with my past events with what has happened and occured. Looking back at my last two years of four, both my westies have keep me alive and made me feel human, if that makes sense. My dogs are the most beautiful and loving children I have on this world and I thank God for that.<br />
What a God send animals are, but in my case my two naughty and loving dogs. I would not be here, if it were not for my dogs. What a blessing, unreal isn't. <br />
God bless.

Thank you for your post.
Yes, it is unreal how we can have such beautiful companions around us.
I am glad to know that your loving dogs have been there for you in times when you most needed them. They really are a wonderful gift. And I hope you have them in your life for many years ahead.

I feel the same way about my kitty - it's amazing what a little 4 lb. cat can do for one's mental well-being! She is the center of my small universe!

I have always admired (well bred and trained) German Shepherds (Boxers and Labs too): their loyalty, intelligence and protective nature. I would love to have one but am too busy to give a dog the time and attention it would deserve. I dream about having one when I am retired - hope I get the chance. I envy you!

You are sensible not to take on the responsibility of taking a dog into your home when you are not there to give it the attention that a dog/dogs need. It irritates me that there are people that have pets, and they have not the time to look after or train them properly.
I'm sure, that when the time is right for you, you will find a much deserving and wonderful companion. :)

Welcome to the world of some of the best things in life are free. (to a certain degree)<br />
My wife and I use to hate cats, thats a big USE TOO. One day sitting on our back porch, these two cat came running into our yard, at first we thought they were fighting with each other, but since we didn't know a thing about cats we finally realized that they were just playing. We watched them for about 1/2 hour and then they just came and took a place on our laps. They have been with us for about five years now. <br />
Cats are strange they are very intelligent, and loving, their biggest problem is that they basically don't give a damn. But they can be very loving. Believe it or not. Don't get me wrong I love dogs too. Very much so, but until you have a cat you can't believe how loving they can be. And they are faithful too, they disappear for a while but always return at night to go to bed. But, But, I'll be dammed if they don't wake me every morning at 5:00 to feed them. Love it tho don't need an alarm clock. <br />
Good luck with your German Shepherds and may they live a long time, all pets are precious. You did get lucky.

I like your story, thanks it put a smile on my face =)...
Yeah! I like cats to. I had one a couple of years back. She was so beautiful very loving and affectionate, when she wanted to be lol..
They are very intelligent, and independent creatures. Like any animal though, especially domestic, if you show them love and gentleness, they will give it back three fold.
She died of cancer in the end. But I will never forget my fluffy Pebbles, she is now in a good place ❤

Yup, they are loyal =)

Shepherds are so loyal. Love 'em!