My Earthbound Savior My Best Friend My Son My Chihuahua Clint


I was in a motorcycle accident and a coma for 3 months my Great boyfriend died after I woke about 1 1/2 years later my best friend died about a year later I finally got a job and the person watching my doggie let him out forgot she did left the house in the snow he followed and got run over by a truck and 1 month later my DAUGHTER who was 18 died in a car accident. I was crushed by the pain so many deaths so much loss I could have been a drunk I could have got drugs but I didn't the thing that God sent me was a surprise from God and my Daughter...
One day in my pain I called my sister for comfort and she said something about puppies under her feet what puppies? I replied she thought I knew but too much pain I didn't know what day of the week it was much less anything else. I replied can I have one I was scared hurt and living in my van too hurt to go to that house at first she said they were all gone after talking a little she said let me see she started to count 1,2,3,4 oh Sharon there is one left you can have whatever one you want if someone else wants the one you want they will hafe to get over it I went to her home to take a look and the smallest most beautiful puppie looked so innocent and i was drawn to him he was the one and no one had picked him he was waiting for me he was so small about 3/4 lb and i was scared but I felt I needed to try. He led me through the darkness and pain I was crying about 16 hours or more a day and he took the depression away no one or nothing could ever replace my daughter but her sure gave helping the healing one heck of a go. This little puppie with his little kisses saved my life. I got my GED then my CDL for driving I now have a good living and life is looking good and i believe Mr Clint made it all happen. Recently he had his first litter and i got my Johnnie so even though I lost just about everything my best friend and his son are giving me a reason to wake in the morning water the flowers and go to work and oh yea smile Clint gave me back a smile. 
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2 Responses Apr 18, 2012

Isn't it amazing how a dog can turn a sad story into one with a happy ending. I'm sorry to hear about your losses, and glad you found the perfect four-legged friend to pull you through it.

Thanks for understanding some people think im alone but my puppies make sure im never sad or alone enjoy your puppie and I hope she has much success with curing the depression Dogs are the best therapy for lifes rocky roads. Good Luck stay strong and always go home and get your puppie kiss she will always be waiting for you