No I Don't Own A Dog, But-

2 Stray female dogs lived outside our my colony, near a garbage dump. One of them gave birth to 7 puppies. 2 of them died on the first night. I didn't know that she had given birth and all this had happened. 2- 3 days later- my friend told me about the puppies.
Now, I always wanted to have a dog, but my parents did not allow me to. So, understandably I was very excited to see them.
I started visiting them daily and me and my friend would buy biscuits for them while returning from tuition. we have them food and water every day and not one of them died.
One day I saw that they were cold, and lying on cold stones didn't help either, so we rummaged in the dump for something warm for them and found old car seat covers.. one month later the second female dog gave birth to 4 puppies. All of them survived.
The puppies loved me. once I could not visit them for 3 days, but when I went back again, I whistled and all nine of them came running towards me the ones who were younger couldn't even run properly! and came tumbling over each other...That remains the best sight I have ever seen. now unfortunately I moved to a place further away from them I still visit them on Saturdays after playing football. now they have all become big and strong and are independent.
But they still remember me.
So yeah, I love dogs.
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1 Response Aug 12, 2012

Aww! That's really sweet! I bet those little puppies knows u as the owner... <br />
But You're really kind to have done that to poor puppies!

Whaaat?! That's sad.. :/