Best Friend

I love all animals really, except for bats. Things creep me out, but still I don't want them dead or anything, just far away from me lol.

On topic, my dog's name is Bella and she is the sweetest thing ever. This dog could melt even scrooges heart.

She's a rescue puppy and we aren't really sure exactly what she is. She has the energy of a jack russell, jumping included. But her color is more like a boxer mixed with other things. No idea, but she sure is cute.

I consider myself a pretty tough and manly guy, but I can't talk to this dog without making the most rediculous baby voice. She is my wife and I's baby. When our parents ask us if we are gonna ever have kids, we just say we already have a big furry baby lol.
andyh007 andyh007
22-25, M
Aug 27, 2012