People: It is often quite unfortunate to grace the ability to see beyond their false faces and hear beyond their wagging tongues. People are such easy fakes.

I love dogs best, mostly because it is so very difficult to respect humans and so easy to respect dogs. They offer unconditional love, they set an example that we should follow.

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My dog is my best friend too. She's makes me laugh and puts a giggle in my breath with her antics. It is possible for humans to discover the key to happiness, love and respect through dogs. My dog's heart is pure and her love and loyalty are boundless too. She's a model of devotion and she gives unconditional love. How many humans can say this of themselves. Humans can learn a lot from dogs/animals. - Prouder

It's so true, we only have to look to our dear dogs to see how we should love and live. They have such high standards! :)

It is a crying shame, isn't it. We all seem to think this way. But it is true. I believe "respect" has gone completely out the window.
I am an animal lover, so love all. My dog is my best friend.
Your so right. They "do" set an example that us as human beings could follow! :D And they are so, so, so, intelligent! :D :D

Thank you so much for sharing your post! :D :D

Thank You Welshbabe! I haven't seen you around for a while and I am so happy to see you here now. *Hugs* and thank you.