I Hate Cleaning Up Dodgsh!t

Every day I go out into the yard and dispose of the enormous pile of cr@p that my Great Dane leaves for me, but recently it’s been raining, and I’ve been shirking my duties. Today, (now that it’s sunny outside) I was going to go out to her area and clean up, before I had a chance to get washed and dressed, she went back there as usual… and came in the house with cr@p-covered paws and tracked sh!t all over the beige carpeting in my house, and all over my bedspread. I just want to scream!

After changing diapers for 5 kids for years, and both parents for several years while they were invalid and dying, I’m pretty much out of the sh!t business….. But today day has been REALLY special. Even after cleaning up the back yard, she’s somehow finding residual poop to step into, and I’ve been chasing down random areas of dog cr@p everywhere all morning long.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to wash off the feet of an animal that weighs 20% more than you do and who just won’t cooperate? My horses are more patient about having their feet cleaned than this dog. My back and arms hurt, I’m sliding on the hardwood floors where I missed mopping up puddles of cleaner, and my whole house smells like a waste disposal plant.

I know that having a pet involves cleaning up, but this is ridiculous. If she weren’t such a good dog, I’d have either shot her or myself earlier today… and I know that I still have more ‘surprises’ in store for me!
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U got horses ?

We have 2 Quarter horses, 1 Peruvian Paso, and 3 American Spotted Saddle horses.

(y) :) Awsomeee

Riding in the snow is pretty fun!

We have three dogs - Chihuahua's - Together the three of them weigh less than 15 pounds and their poop is not much bigger than what a squirrel leaves behind. When they got to be two years old they were well disciplined enough to go off lead and take for walks. They are loving and physically they are athletes - very fast and very playful - fantastic friends and pets. What I can not figure out is after seeing how good these guys are why would any one want a bigger dog?

I don't like ankle-biters, and Chihuahuas have a terrible reputation for acting that way. Three of my sons have them,, and although the dogs behave well for them, they still are too yappy for me. No one messes with me when I go out with my Great Dane, and she's very quiet. This story was about an isolated incident. I've had little dogs before... and never again!

Our dogs are not ankle biters despite your experience. The younger one is still quite vocal when strangers approach our home - something that we train out of them with age. I asked our vet if great dogs are a product of breeding or environment and he responded 50:50 so for half of the trait it comes down to the home they live in and how they are treated. After having Chihuahua's I am thrilled with them so to each his own. Now I hope you don't get too stressed picking up after your friend - it is not something that we really have to worry too much about.

Please don't shoot yourself! Your dog will just eat you when you're dead (fresh meat is preferable), then he will regurgitate and **** you all over the house and yard, and your poor husband will mourn AND curse you as he is tempted to repeat the cycle. No ****!


I think I have seen a type of processing plant for pets at Wal-Mart or some such where the doggie goes in, you turn the crank, doggie doo-free comes out.