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Dark Nights~

I have known nights that were so dark, so long, so scary and so sad that the truth of them would make the devil cry. I’ve seen days when nothing was real except the sky above my head and the earth beneath my feet. I have known “friends” that walk away when the skies turn black. Yet one thing I know for sure in this life is that a dog will sit at my side lovingly until the sun shines once again, even if it takes forever.
hillbillycrone hillbillycrone 56-60, F 5 Responses Sep 20, 2012

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Hey lady dont talk like that head up chin up xxxxx

That's a beautiful story and I really identify with it totally!!!

Blessings & Luv Isis Luna

Thanks Isis Luna~Blessed Be~

Hughest hugs Hilly. I loved this story, really got to my heart. Your writing and the way you sum up feelings is captivating.
There is nothing like the love of an animal, I am glad you have experienced that.
Beautiful story. xx

Thank You Jenni! *Hugs* I must post a pic of Salem today, he's very dog like to be honest!!! :) I guess it's because of all of his dog pals.

this is so beautiful and so true!~
my Loyalty is this way, bless his heart. He really has taught me so much....

Thank you Kayblue, we love our doggies don't we honey pie? *Hugs* I miss you~~~ muahhhhhhh from EP Mamma

I don't think I'd ever want a dog. (My cats would probably kill me.) You are right though. They are extremely loyal.

I have both....I suppose I must have a split personality! :) Thanks for dropping in~ Actually my dogs and cats love one another, it's very strange.