Thought I Was a Cat Person For 17 Years

I grew up with lots of cats.  My parents loved Siamese cats so that was all I really knew.  I was fortunate enough to have 17 wonderful years with one of them.  About 7 months after she passed my husband talked me into going to the shelter.  I saw Pugsly, he was a stray between 5 and 7 and was just so full of life and so cute.  So he came home with us.  We enjoyed 11 wonderful years with him. In November of 2007 I had to have him euthanized--his organ systems were shutting down and his quality of life wasn't good.  I was being selfish and had to let go.  I miss him terribly and still cry over my loss, but he did teach me how special dogs really are.

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1 Response Aug 10, 2008

Dogs are great, I can feel your pain, I lost one too. They are the most lovable of all creatures. :)