My Lucky Shamrock

I have an english bulldog named Shamrock.  I kind of stole him.  I work at a vet's office and his mother was in need of a c-section.  I assited the doctor and we delivered the puppies.  Shortly after all the puppies were born I began inspecting them and noticed that one of the puppies had a cleft palate.  These puppies have a low survival rate because they do not have the ability to nurse like healty puppies and if they do not have human intervetion will usually die within a few days of birth.  I went and talked to the owner and told her that one of the puppies had this birth defect, she quickly told me to euthanise the puppy.  I felt so sad for him, he was so vigorous and he was the first one crying I couldn't let him die. So I took him home. (his original owner thinks he was euthanised) All of the vets I work for told me he would die.  I didn't listen, this little guy wanted to live!!!  I started feeding him formula through a tube into his stomach every 2 hours.  Today ShammY (that's his nickname)  turned 7 weeks old and is doing wonderfully.  The split in the roof of his mouth is acutually growing back together.  He now eats solid food but I still tube liquids to him so as not to give him pneumonia.  One of the doctors I work with will do a surgery when he is 6 months old to finish closing his palate. He is a happy puppy plays with the other dogs and is otherwise normal except he doesn't drink out of a bowl.  But he will soon.  He is my little miracle and I love him sooo much.  I am so glad I didn't listen to the advice of my doctors and believed in him he deserved a chance !!!!!!!!!!!!

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That is absolutely beautiful. You are a blessing!!