No Lies. Just Friends =)

I would definitely say I am more of an 'animal person' than a 'people person'.  I mean of course I love my family and my friends, and its not like I hate all people and I just sit in a corner petting cats and dogs and iguanas, I just think that animals are much more compassionate. They are innocent and cannot be corrupt. Getting to know an animal is much more interesting than getting to know a person, because an animal cannot tell you what they are thinking, but they also cannot lie. I l think it is much more rewrading, being close to animals, because you know they mean it. An animal will not use you, or trick you, they cannot hurt you (emotionally), or fool you. What they are is what they are. Nothing hidden. I like that. And I love them.

kaykers kaykers
18-21, F
Aug 22, 2007