Cats Rock. People Suck.

I'm not sure just when I transferred my emotions from humans to cats. I volunteered at a feline adoption center for four years, and I ran a cats-only pet sitting business for four years also.

The turning point may have been a cranky 17-year-old named Max. I took care of him for the last year of his life, and we developed a profound bond. For some reason I have a thing for old cats, who have a tendency to die. Ultimately I had to leave pet sitting because I couldn't stand getting my heart broken again.

The older I get, the more I loathe people. It's that cruelty, that indifference. I don't have the ability to recover from or forgive human abuse, so the longer I live, the more cumulative the damage becomes.

I'm worried about being a "cat lady." I don't want to go over the edge and end up in a house with 92 cats.

But the worst thing a cat ever did to me was bite me. It healed pretty quickly.

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6 Responses Apr 30, 2010

You are a beautiful lady for loving cats or any type of animal. In your case it's cats. I love animals as much as you do, and pets (animals/babies) for I have my share of babies (dogs). I love them more then how humans behave. It is all about behavior, not that we don't like or love people. You will have a great life because you will be rewarded by people like myself. My prayers and you will never be alone once you understand that animals (whatever kind) love because they just do. That is the best love anyone can have. I do and that makes me happy and loved.

I'd like to thank the above for their supportive comments. It helps me feel less isolated--I'd pretty much assumed that I was the world's only misanthrope. In fairness, I encounter good people a lot, but somehow it just isn't enough to balance the bad ones.<br />
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Meow.<br />
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I'm antisocial too and I do like animals better because I just don't realize what people did to have the right to live (I know animals didn't do anything either but they're cute) and to abuse animals . Oh, and don't be too worried about the 92 cats thing , got a friend who has 26 she hasn't gone crazy or weird yet . I have 9 cats but well I'm already weird . Yeah well gotta go ... cat destroying my headphones .

I totally agree. people can get annoying sometimes ;)

Wow, I am amazed there are other people like me out there! I am slightly antisocial, actually(heh), so I like to hang out with my cat instead. He likes me a lot, and when he sleeps on me, I just love it! Animals are so less judging than people too! :)

how wonderful to hear my own words/feelings come from someone else!!!! lol... just yesterday i said.... i hope i don't become one of those old ladies with a dozen cats...and critters... but i am already that lady. *smile* it's cat magic...don't ya know!