This Makes Me Sick

I see in the news today that New Jersey is allowing bear hunts. I can't read the story, just the headline makes me feel like I need to vomit. We destroy their habitat and then kill them. This is just one sickening example of how we put people on top. We encroach and destroy with hubris. Even public spaces are becoming anti-wildlife. Some parks don’t allow bird feeding, for crying out loud. It upsets people and makes a mess. I realize this isn’t much of a story, just me venting a little on a day when I’m very upset with the way people treat animals.
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Oh me tooo!!!! love animals more than people i do!....i ran over a mouse one time by mistake...cried my eyes out for days...........still remember it like it was yesterday :((

Yes! I am always "NO - don't tell me!!!". And roadkill is bad - any kind, but esp if it's a dog or cat. Oh, man.

Like you, I can't even read stories about animals being mistreated.When someone is about to tell me a horrible animal story I ask them to not go into the goru details because it really upsets me. To my amazement, they don't seem to be able to stop themselves. So I leave. Roadkill keeps me awake for a couple nights. I am ultra sensitive to their plight. Can't eat meat anymore which is a beautiful thing on every level. Can;t watch movies with real animals because I know they are being mistreated and exploited for money. Those cat and dog food commercials chap my substantial ***. They put the bowl of food down on the floor and the animal attacks it like it hasn't eaten in days which of course it hasn't. When I watch the news and hear that a person was run down or died an unpleasant death, well, I t just does not move me the way it does when it's a helpless animal. I'll bet you can relate to that. I am happy that you are out there.

I'm so happy that there are others out there like me!

It seems strange to me that Jersey would have enough wilderness to support a large bear population that would warrant the legal hunting of them. I think the worst part of bear hunts is that those who engage in the activity are more interested in acquiring a trophy than actually eating the meat. Pointless killing, for the most part.<br />
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Just as a bit of a devil's advocate here, but..<br />
Where I live, we are surrounded by like 500 kilometers of wilderness in every direction. Well-meaning liberals, like me, but less reasonable (:P), successfully fought the fight against bear hunts in Ontario. Sure, it made all those people in the Greater Toronto Area pleased with themselves, as it did not affect them in any way, but over here..<br />
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Bear hunts actually kept the population in check. Civilization has allowed the bear population to grow in an unnatural way. After the spring bear hunt was banned, there have been increasingly more bears feasting at the dump, ripping apart bird feeders and waste disposal units, and more bears than ever have been coming into the city during the fall for their pre-hibernation fattening up. <br />
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The argument for banning the spring bear hunt was to keep young cubs from being orphaned. Nobody hunts female bears in the spring; only the males. People who have no idea about the reality of the situation created the policy. Typical :P<br />
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Oh, and for the record, I am a vegetarian and I hate the idea of killing for sport.

I agree ma'am. I like my critter's. We feed the deer apple's and have feeder's hanging in our tree's for the bird's and my little gray friend's. I love to just sit and watch them. I would be lost without my little four legged daughter.

I agree!!!..i have a raccoon family that sometimes comes for breakfast....such joy for me

People will feed birds bread. This is very very very bad for their digestive system. It bloats them up then they can't eat seeds and insects. Plus in some resorts where bird feeding is encouraged, the birds no longer eat their natural food. They only want bread and refuse anything else. Its like junk food for them.

Oh-I'm so glad you wrote that! I always give my leftover bread to the birds!

You're welcome sgc43. If you don't want to waste you leftover bread, you can either dry it &amp; use it as croutons in a salad or add it moistened with water (then let it sit for a little while so it'll absorb it) then add it to ground meat, like meatloaf or meatballs, it adds bulk &amp; flavoring even if its a little stale, you won't taste it.