It's Funny.

I could never hurt an animal. When I had a dog and had to throw ( Take his collar and make him go ) him outside. I always worried that I was hurting him and would say sorry for it later on. I have always loved animals more then humans and I think I always will. Well there might be a few humans that I love about the same, but they are rare.

I have no problem hurting a human. I have even less of a problem if they have hurt an animal. I'm scared that one day I will see someone hurting an animal and end up with blood on my hands.
DeadlyDragon DeadlyDragon
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1 Response Aug 5, 2010

Me either and animals are far less complicated to love, even when you ar just a human being...people seem to want to pick each other apart until they find some saint inside, well nobody has one..;) for me, I sure love animals, they are angels of love, just so simply ..caring and loving, but I dont hurt people, .so far have no reason to:)