My Cats

I love cats, always have. They seem to know when you are feeling low and they stare right into your soul! When i have been in bed really ill my cats have come to join me, snuggled up and not left the room untill i told them to go and eat etc. My Ex didn't like my cats and i caught him kicking one of them, so i split with him, as a guy who will do that to an animal is not worth bothering with. People can be so very cruel to each other, just for a so caled laugh. Animals show unconditional Love for you if you are kind to them.

When i was a child i remember my dad killing kittens by drowning them down the toilet, i hated him for that. If i see children being cruel to an animal i will challenge them about their behaviour, i have tried this with adults but that can be dangerous.
whitewhiskey whitewhiskey
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1 Response Mar 13, 2011

Yes, it can be dangerous. I challenged a man who was shoot a play bow and arrow at a Rotweiller who was tied to a tree. He and a bunch were doing it for kicks, to see him cower. That is what makes a dog unsociable and unstable. I was not driving, but my youngest son was 15 and had his Learner's Permit and when I saw that I said STOP THE CAR! Well, he did and I jumped out and walked over and asked what are you doing. He said it ain't hurtin' him. I told him it was cruel and would make the dog go after someone, someday and he had little kids running around. Well, I told him I was a member of Animal Control...big lie...but it scared him and all his friends started coming at me and cursing like the entire navy. I told him that I would report him, which I did and the next time we went by there, they had a large animal pen. I felt better, but mean doesn't change it's spots. I really don't like people who cannot relate to animals. It makes them less human to me.