My View On Animals

I constantly get **** for breaking for animals, putting food outside for them, etc. Everytime someone says something I have the perfect explanation. THEY WERE HERE FIRST. Animals didn't always have to worry about getting hit by a car or tortured for no reason, the only thing they ever needed to worry about when it came to people was being eaten - which is for survival. People say the animal world is cruel but they are mistaken. The only time animals are "cruel" is when it comes to survival. The people world is much more cruel. I have never hit an animal with my car (that I know of). However I have witnessed two different animals getting run over - I was in a car with my friend and his friends. They saw a possum (sp?) and tried to purposely run it over. I yelled at everyone in the car and told them how cruel they were for wanting to do such a thing. The car was quite and the driver tells me every time he sees a possum he thinks of that time (glad I could have an impression). The other time however I was driving behind a truck - a bunny tried crossing the road but wasn't so lucky - it was hit and thrown into the bushes. That vision will forever be in my head and I will try to avoid ever being that driver. Hope you enjoy these stories :)
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Exactly! Finally, someone else who realizes that the animals were here first, and we invaded on their land, so the absolute least we can do is share our land with them, when you see a deer, or a coyote in the backyard, let it be, it won't hurt you. It's worried that YOU will hurt IT, so it avoids you a much as it can. But we can take it another step further, and leave them an offering as an apology and a sign of peace for taking their land. But even one more step: help them whenever you need to, no matter what it means for YOU, just think that the animal is more important. I will ALWAYS be there for animals in need. If an injured wolf ever came into my backyard, I'd do whatever I could to heal it. Of course, first I need to let it know that I come in peace. I just want to help. Also, if you are about to hit an animal with your vehicle, STOP, until it's safely left your path.

I am going to cry myself to sleep tonight.
You know, as hard as it is to love animals and share their suffering, I wouldn't think of changing it

on the way to work last week, i saw a cat, i thought, got hit on the road. i saw the animal wiggle off the side of the road. i found a place to turn around to see if i could help. it was a raccoon. i got out of my truck and stood there watching him ...wipe his head. he looked up at me, i cried. .... it's not good to walk up to a wounded animal... so i drove off. after work i drove by... the spot. he had stopped his suffering.