I Questioned Myself

 Yesterday I commented on a story about animal cruelty.  I commented about how I prefer my pets over most of the human population. After the comment I realized that I truly do have a problem with people. Not just a few people but most people. So I spent most of the evening thinking about this.
I can not go into my childhood, I would have to put the whole book on here, but I can say that never laying eyes on my parents ever again in my life is the best thing for my heart, my soul, my entire being. So with that said, I had to think really hard about all of the other people I know. Why am I so "hard" towards them?
This was my conclusion on that...anyone who supports and respects child abusers (my father) and child molesters (my mother allowed this) I have no use for. I was told that this isn't completely fair because maybe they didn't know. Ok, I did agree with that to a  point, except I believe (from my experience) that good people can see the bad in people. They can't always put their finger on what the problem is, but they will know something isn't right. I firmly believe water and oil don't mix...the same way good and bad don't mix. We are good or we're not!
There are a few people I absolutely adore. But my pets…...they are my world. We love them and we care for them. They love and care for us back. They are loyal. I haven't found many people who are. Like I've said there are some good people out there. People you can trust and love. In my experience (and I was raised in a very small hick town in the middle of nowhere) people are dishonest, backstabbing and in it for themselves. They worry more about what others think and how they appear to others than what is really true. I'm not talking about the entire human race.
My husband, Princess and aRmy are loyal, loving and caring. Isn't that what we all want in our lives? So after a lot of thought and a lot of soul searching I still have to say I love my animals more than most people.
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I was not abused but alone alot as a child and spent most<br />
Of my time with my dogs. I have a gift with animals bc I can know things about them<br />
Without any REASON. I do agree good souls recognize good souls<br />
And feel evil or bad souls. You knowwho else has that gift? ANIMALS. ;)