They Don't...

Why do you think I love animals more than people?
Cause they have never hurt me like people have.
I've had one cat and unfortunately he died. I loved him so much and he was a real friend. He helped me through diffucult times and he cheered me up and purred and meowed when I was feeling bad. I miss him so much. He never hurt me like my human friends.

Now I have a beautiful and good dog. We say he's my little brothers. He's so sweet and cute and he's so good to me. When I cry and feel bad he is scared (he's afraid of all kinds of....emotional noise....anger and screaming and so on you know) and he comes to me and licks my face and tries to be very kind to me.

Animals are the ones who have never broken my heart as people have. I'm much more sensetive in relation to animals and I think people who show cruelty to animals should be put into jail. To me they deserve nothing.
I think animals are the ones who give this planet life, the ones who can cheer me up. Pets are the ones who can help us through hard times, the ones who can who can show love and be our real friends and will not betray us. They can give old people company and spirit of life again. They can help in so many ways.
Sure animals have different personalities like humans. But this is my experience. I love them more than people.

Rawa Rawa
18-21, F
1 Response May 6, 2008

I also love animals, animals give people unconditional love, animals are here for a purpose to teach mankind about love but that doesn't mean you shouldn't trust people, people are good and some are not.