Ever Since I Was A Little Girl...

I was about seven or eight and I would feed the stray cats that would come by our house every morning. Most of my childhood involved helping or saving animals in some way...

and now I feel like this has shaped me in such a way that I feel as though I have more sympathy for animals than humans
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Animals affection can sometimes feel unconditional. Humans.... that is a rare feeling. Sometimes people can suck... especially the mean ones.

The religions professor in my university said animals are not "god's children" and therefore have no spirit, while humans do. I swear I wanna punch his teeth out.

even after the worst day...when all seems dog is always jumping to meet me...pure, true love....think they adopt us..

Dogs are better than people. Dogs are at least faithful.

Sunday, 26 August 2012, @~ 3:20 AM<br />
Hey Auxesia,<br />
<br />
I'm the same way. I love animals & esp. dogs, more than people. Dogs are not judgmental -- people are. Dogs love unconditionally -- people don't. If you yell, scream, or hit a human, they're will most likely hit you back, will hold a grudge, and maybe even sue you. Although I hate immensely when another human being mistreats any animal, especially when the abuse an animal -- if they do hit/mistreat a dog, the canine is usually very forgiving and will still love you & lick you, as if there is no tomorrow.<br />
<br />
As I said, I love animals more than people, but the reason I specifically mention dogs, is because my wife & I, just had to put-down our beloved "Dutchess" exactly 3 weeks today. We had to, cause she was getting too old (age 14) & was in severe pain due to a painful neurological condition that was (according to our vet) untreatable. It just broke my heart, and I miss her sooo much. We buried her in our front yard under a flowering tree.<br />
<br />
We've had friends suggest we get another dog, but...she was family, & how do you replace a family member. You...can't.<br />
<br />
"Dutchess" was a black Pomeranian-terrier mix. Mostly a Pom.<br />
<br />
I miss soo much asking her teasingly, "Dutchess, to go...BYE BYE?!?<br />
Oh my...when I'd say those last 2 words, she'd get sooo excited, & sooo happy. She'd jump up & down & twill around, and pant & smile, till we actually got her into our car.<br />
<br />
Hey, thanks for allowing me to just ramble on. I really needed to share that with someone, who also loves animals as much as I.'s got me...crying, soo I end here so I can blow my nose.<br />
<br />
Appreciatively, Heathland {:'-(

Aww, Heathland, thank you for sharing such a heartfelt story... it's hard to say goodbye to close companions such as Dutchess was to you. You've given Dutchess such a long and fulfilling life and now she is at peace. It's amazing how close we can emotionally connect with an animal though we can't necessarily have a conversation with them. They are the only things that accept us for all that we are, nothing less. She will always reside in your heart, don't forget that... she will always be running around-- free and happy in the wonderland of peace.

Sunday, 02 September 2012, @~6:30 AM. Thank you Auxesia for your additional comment, to *MY* comment. I'm a firm believer that our family pets, (or any animal) that we have developed an emotional/spiritual bond with, when the die, they *TOO* go to Heaven. My "...wonderland of peace," *IS* Heaven, or at least, something that resembles C.S. Lewis' NARNIA (ref. "Chronicles of Narnia" 7 book series), where animals talk. And again, you really *ARE* an excellent creative writer. You have such a way with words. I have a writers instructional book called, "Painting With Words" (that was published by and that's what you "paint with words". Appreciative of our friendship, Heathland {:-{)&gt;

Animals are more loyal than humans and i think you like giving love rather than expecting which makes you happier han others and you recieve a good response from cats that makes it even better!

I am a misanthrope and autistic as well. I'd rather help a TREE than 99% of the human race.