It's True- I Have More Friendships With Animals Than People..

With an animal, you almost never have to guess what they're thinking/feeling, it's all there on the surface. If they're happy/sad/angry you can see and many animals are even capable of sensing your feelings too. With people sometimes you can't tell as easily what they're really thinking. People are good at betraying you, judging you and hiding their true feelings. Animals by comparison seem innocent to me, and humans sometimes too smart for their own good. Even an animal that is vicious is often is like that because of the way human's have treated it. Animals are capable of loving you unconditionally. I find sometimes that it's easier to get on with animals than people. There's no need for the awkward small-talk or arguments with animals: it's so much more simple to communicate with them. I have to say I probably have more animal friends than people friends at this point in my life..Animal friends I find are more loyal than human ones, they won't betray your trust and their character/personality won't dramatically change over a short space of time- which is also what some people have a bad habit of doing...

Daydreamz Daydreamz
18-21, F
May 10, 2012