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My life has been a wonderfully crazy one-but the one constant has been my dogs and my son. I am from a Prussian/Bavarian German family that came to the USA in the 1870's. Successful farmers in the Mid-West they brought over the Rottweilers-or should I say the predecessors of what we now know as Rottweiler. My Great-Great Grandfather brought his large lankie "Butcher's Hounds" over and kept them as farm dogs, as the years pasted and I arrived, the family had gotten "the finished product". Maximilian was my mother's dog-HUGE strong mellow and protector Rottweiler. When my mom needed to do stuff, go somewhere she would place me in his legs in the kitchen where he had a big soft doggie bed and we'd sleep away the time till she would return for me from the garden, next door neighbor, where ever. I was like 3 months old when my father came home one afternoon early from work and saw this-he took photos and then told my mom that Max was a great dog but keep Steph with her! LOL!!! After dinners, I'd be all over Max-he was my big brother and best bud. Taught me how to play nice-be fair-tease lovingly.  But Max passed before my father went into the Navy when I was 6yo-we traveled and I never had another dog till his retirement. My mother went to collies, another favorite but I longed for Max. After I retired out of the Army with MS, my life went SOUTH. I now am very settled in South Carolina where I rescue abused Rottweilers and live on a country property where they, and me for that fact can't be hurt. I have dear friends but really, my son and my dogs are my heart. They are in my will right after my son-they are family, not pets. I believe in multiple lives-ever see "What Dreams May Come",..., well that movie pretty much explains my view of Heaven. I'll be that robust Male Rottweiler roaming the heavenly coast of Big Sur with all the hounds that served me better than I probably deserved for the rest of time under God's eyes. What a wondrous thing huh?

I can't express it any better than this:

"His presence by my side is protection against my fears of dark and unknown things. He has promised to wait for me,..., whenever,..., wherever -in case I need Him. And I expect I will as I always have. He is,... my dog." -Gene Hill

I am a pack animal-I run with friends that live a code of sorts. It's not for all to understand-but for those that do-it's a great life. Bless the Beast. S in SC
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Altho Rotties really are not for everyone-they do have their "quirks" but then,..., They're German! They are "painfully intelligent", love a party, yet are very "suspicious" of anyone or thing that would do hard to their pack . Can be a guard dog as well as livestock herders actually-they love to steer things where they want them. I do not know what I'd do without my hounds-They are my soul these days-be good, Steph in SC

That is awesome that you rescue abused Rottweilers. I love all dogs but I've met a few Rottweilers who had such great personalities and were gentle and powerful all rolled into one. I love mutts the best, where I live there is a huge population of pit-bull mixes that get such a bad wrap because of the pit in them. Big dogs need love too.