I Love All Creatures Great And Small

I've always animals around be since i was born.my family kept a mini farm of ducks, chickens, rabbits, we've had dogs cats fish, crawfish, birds, hamsters. Ive risen horses and when i was really small a donkey.

No matter how socially awkward i am, I can meet an animal and instantly were best buds.

Right now I live alone in an apartment where animals are not aloud. I had a water turtle and African dwarf frogs but the landlord said no. A year later I couldn't stand not having a lil friend to share my pathetic life. So i got a guinea pig.

He is awesome: Papua New Guinea (PIG) I call him Paupau
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2 Responses Aug 16, 2012

I like your story and I'm so happy you don't have to live pet-free. We used to have a guinea pig (it was my daughter's) and it was the sweetest little creature!

they are definately great pets for little kids as their easier to manage than a dog or cat and they show so much affection for their owners. I put a little video of my piggy on my profile. Thanks for reading my story.

all animals should deserve the love you give them