Animals Know How You Are Feeling And They Cheer You Up

You know the saying "False friends are like shadows. They walk with you in the sunlight when times are good but instantly disappear as soon as you cross over to the shade." This is how I feel right now. I am going through a lot and have become an angry, depressed person. Nobody seems to understand what I am going through or what is it I need. Everyone just judges me for being a grouch or being boring and leaves me. What I need is one true friend to stick by my side throughout everything...

Animals seem to always understand. They know when you are sad. They make you feel loved and needed. I currently do not have any animals in the house I am in (because I am not allowed)...and maybe this makes me depression worse. The previous home I had, I did get an orange kitten and named him Pumpkin. :) He was my precious baby. He always cuddled with me and kept me from being lonely when people didn't understand.

I must say I am also fascinated with horses....they are so large and powerful, yet so gentle. The other day I was feeling so depressed so I went over to a friend's farm. To be honest, I have been afraid of horses. I will always go up and pet them but if they make a sudden movement, my heart starts beating faster. The other day, I overcame my fears. I really really was so sad and wanted a nice big hug from a horse. So I went up and petted and hugged all 4 horses! I also got to pet this pony for 30 minutes which completely made me friend's ponies are very skiddish and noone gets to pet them. You may get a quick nose rub on one of them if you have a carrot. I went into the enclosure with no food and went right up to the pony and got to pet the pony for 30 minutes! Even when I walked away, th pony followed me. It felt like an epic day and made me feel really special. :)

Animals do that...they have a way of making you feel special.
beautifuleyes13 beautifuleyes13
22-25, F
Sep 11, 2012