They Are Just Better In All Ways!

Animals pass no criticism. They take you for what or who you are. They seem to understand me when no person on the green earth does. I've lost many people in my life but last year when my dog died I was beside myself with grief. I still cry sometimes when I think about him. Some people understood, others were like get over it! It's just a dog. I no longer talk to those people. I don't cry over human loss much, but cry over the animal abuse and neglect I see. My husband told me the other night that I am not normal and asked "don't you think something is wrong when you think animals are more important". All I said was it's not wrong for me. My dog does not make me feel strange about my feelings. I love animals more than people and I was born that way, I didn't get up one morning and decide to be that way. I am proud of it not ashamed!
NancyandPiper NancyandPiper
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Well, what those stupid people don't realize is that some of us love animals, so whenever one dies, part of us dies with it. I didn't cry NEARLY as much over my great grandpa's death as I did my first dog's. I still cried, but not NEARLY as much. Part of me died with my first dog when she passed.

I know, right? I feel like the only one I can turn to to tell a secret is my rottweiler.

I couldn't possibly agree with more passion! I too have been constantly told that there is something wrong with me. Some of the most well-meaning people in my life have made me feel alienated and 'wrong'. Some of the most ill-meaning people have called me choice insults such as "freak", "psycho", "f**ked-up" and harshly told me they feel pity for me. The more hostility I find just for being compassionate and wanting to take care of those who need love, the less I want to find any kind of balance. I feel rather justified for preferring animal company to humans!

The age old comment from people when they find out I work towards better treatment of animals is " why don't you help the poor children and their suffering?" I don't deny that humans need help but helping the animals is my passion and my choice. I say to them why don't you help the charity or cause of your choice? I have come to learn that usually the people I annoy the most, don't do anything for anyone but themselves. They are just angry because they have met someone who does care about something other than their own hide. :)

I know how you feel. My cat is the cutest white ball of fluff on this Earth.