There's Some Tragic About It...

I live in Victoria, so I've been hearing a lot about all the fires ever since they started. I had a few in my town too, but they were all taken care of.

Anyway, what I wanted to say was, I feel bad sometimes because hearing about people dying in the fires doesn't affect me as much as hearing about the animals that have died or been injured. I've always been, generally more sympathetic towards animals' pain, which in the eyes of the wrong people, can make me look like I don't care about people at all, which is just not true.

There's just something about animals suffering that I find to be 100 times more tragic than a human. For starters, regarding animal abuse, I find it to be similar to child abuse because 1) the victim cannot talk 2) the victim cannot protect itself and 3) the victim, like a child, will be confused as to what is happening, and to me that makes it all the more tragic. Plus, lots of animals-- like humans-- crave acceptance. Let's say someone kicks their dog, the dog will wonder what it did wrong and why it was rejected from the 'pack.'

Anyway, back to the fires. Some of the stuff on the news has been about the wildlife from time to time, and on one program I remember a woman (who lived right next to the bush) saying that inside the bush (which was on fire), all she could hear were the cries of the animals. That just made me want to cry, picturing them all... well you know.

Another thing that ****** me off is when I hear weird stories of people leaving their pets behind when they very well could have taken them. I was watching a show last night that had vets looking after animals affected by the fires, and what I found the most heartbreaking was a cat, which suffered a number of burns.

The main reason I think I care about the animals more is there is less cruelty among them. I feel like they're all my friends, and given they have no voice (or at least, not for us to hear), I have to protect them.

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