Befriended a Stray Kitten On Vacation

My girlfriend and I just got back from a week in St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  We stayed at a villa up in the hills.  The second day we were there, a stray partly grown kitten came down the hill behind our house and introduced himself.  We fed him and gave him some water, and he gave my girlfriend some much appreciated affection, as she was missing her own cat while we were gone.  He showed up like clockwork every 48 hours the whole time we were there, and as beautiful as the island and the beaches and everything else was, it's the memory of that kitten that most makes me happy, and sad.  I wonder what will become of him.  Other people who've stayed there have obviously helped him out, too.  He came up like he owned the place.  We talked about trying to take him home with us, but we knew it wasn't possible.  I'm still missing him.    He'll probably end up a feral tomcat if he's allowed to survive. 

If a person had come up asking me for a handout, I admit I would probably have told him to get lost.  He'd probably lie and say he needed food, then go straight to town and buy a bottle of booze if I gave him any money.  I've had my bellyful of human treachery and deceit.  Animals are a cut above. 

phantomofroute66 phantomofroute66
1 Response Mar 20, 2009

The more I see of people, the more I like dogs.