I couldn't go to school last semester, but this semester I perked up enough courage to go back to school again. Things were not easy for me at school before, but now, to make matters worse, some of my classmates have started to act weirdly around me. They seem uncomfortable to have me around them. I guess it can't be helped since I was rarely at school last semester, and I try to stay positive and keep reminding myself that I don't have to be friends with everyone, but it did hurt when two girls I'd thought were my friends gave me the awkward silence when I tried to join their conversation during lunchtime. They knew what I've been through in the last few months and they even came to my house once to cheer me up...
The awkward silence and the uneasiness in the air was so evident and tangible that I made up an excuse and left the table right away. I went to see the lab cats for comfort and they happily welcomed me with a chorus of purrs and happy meows. Animals never let you down.
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Don't take the awkward silence to mean something bad... Sometimes we don't know what to say because we can't find the right words.

Give your friends a chance, it sounds like they care if they came over to your house to cheer you up :)

I hope so. I just didn't want to bother them. They were talking garrulously when I first saw them at their table, and when I sat down, all of a sudden they both fell silent... :/
I literally heard the crickets chirping in the background like in the movies lol

Awww I know that silence. I'm sure it was awkward for them too. Hopefully it'll get better :)