Animals Are Truth

Animals don't lie. Well mostly they don't. Dogs don't. Cats...? I have known cats to pretend they didn't just do what they did. But I have found that animals are true in a way that I don't find with people. They live in the moment and respond with joy. I wish I could be more like them. I love the way my cat throws herself onto the floor, with abandon. That's what I like about animals they do things with abandon. Full-out running happy dog or horse, can you think of a finer thing to see? Okay, puppies playing. Whenever the Super Bowl is on each year I watch the Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl, biggest smiles of the year for the longest duration. People rarely affect me that way. I love my aging dad, but he doesn't share the joy several times a day like my dear feline friend does. People should take animal-happiness classes to teach them how to love the moment the way their dogs do. Think of the healthcare savings in that.

not2crazy not2crazy
56-60, F
Feb 14, 2010