So Much Smarter

Animals don't gossip. What an amazing concept! The animal world is simple... mind your own business BUT if you have food I will be your friend.  Every now and then there may be an unpopular member of the pack or an outcast, and if this happens it is all physical not cruel or unusual mental torture . I am a counselor at a school and I see children do the most unspeakable things to one another. I call the parents in and then they mentally abuse one another..... Oh human race you are so sickeningly disturbed...... When teenagers 'hangout' it  consists of sitting in a circle txt messaging..... UGH ! I find most humans to be way to bizzare to even come close to enjoying time with them. So you enjoy your blackberry and I will enjoy a strawberry

azzypan azzypan
22-25, F
Feb 17, 2010