Animals V. People

Nope.  This is not one of those "people suck so much and animals are better because... they just are!" stories... or I'm going to try not to do that. 



* They listen.  ... and part of this is just because they can't speak words that humans can understand.
* If they have a problem with someone or another dog, they make it known.
* Animals, domesticated or not, are still animals.  They eat/kill other animals.  It's a part of their life.  They accept the unwritten 'laws of nature.'
* They respect mother nature, in terms of weather.
* Requirements; love, attention, shelter, food, water... very basic, nothing fancy needed.
* Always mating, whether they get along or not.  This could be why animals are mostly happy creatures.
* You know when they appreciate something... they appreciate the smallest things.
* No matter what, they are always excited to see you.
* Don't see race, religion, taboos, or anything else that spreads hate.
* Once they make a connection with someone, the bond is everlasting.



* Truly listen.... every once in a while, unless you know someone who really knows the art of listening.
* Can be quite deciving.
* Usually fight the 'laws of nature.'
* Usually trash mother nature.. in all forms.
* Requirements; love, attention, shelter, food, water, clothing, 'extra necessities'... nothing basic.
* Rarely mating because they are not getting along, which explains why people are so pissed off these days!
* Emotional nutcases.  It seems like most are either afraid to show emotions or are overly dramatic.
* Certainly not always excited to see you... in fact sometimes they really do not want to see you.
* Judgmental.  To the extremes.
* Generally do not make everlasting bonds anymore.


Animals AND People

* Bite.
* Have bedtimes.
* [add your own]


I can't think of anything for both animals and people! =/  Maybe I am gonna say "people suck, animals rock!" =P

ChevyGirl ChevyGirl
18-21, F
Mar 25, 2010