How I Started Liken Horses

I started liken horses when I was in foster care. They did not have the horses when I first got there or even a barn. They wanted to get some horses, so they had to build a barn and I helped them build it, so I think that is one reason I started liken them. I think they are very beautiful. When the barn was done they got 5 horses. One for their biological daughter, one for the biological son, one for the dad, one for the mom and one for the foster kids. Later they got rid of the daughters horse and got her a new one, her horse was the only one that was trained to ride. I got to ride it once, but that was with her leading it. That was the first time I ever got on a horse. I have only been on a horse once in life that was that was that one time. I have always wished for a horse. When I get older I am going to try and get a horse.

horsefreak horsefreak
18-21, F
Apr 19, 2008