Beautiful Animals!

Horses have always fascinated me! how they can move with such grace, speed and agility!

BUT they scare me so much!
I used to love riding horses when they were at fairs etc but my uncle got thrown off a horse and got stamped on n died instantly!

N since then my feelings have changed!

My friend didn't have any idea about this fear and took me to clean out her relatives stables! they only have a Shetland pony and one huge horse!

I was so scared even of the pony! but i managed to groom the pony with my hand shaking and the occasional whimper but i did it and i was so proud of myself!

My friend then asked me to hold the big horse while she sorted out the gate!!
Well i was shaking fiercely as i was walking up2 her! i even backed out 5 times! but she was determined i was gonna do it so i thought if i do it i want you to take a pic of me!

N now very safely saved on my phone is my pic of me n a huge horse! i do look like i was gonna cry but i held her! it was such a big thing for me that day!

I even went on to walk my friends dog as well! (I'm scared of them too)

im still both horses and dogs but i know i can deal with it now!
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2 Responses Mar 21, 2007

I certainly can understand your fear. I've had horses all my life and still do. I've been hurt twice both times I wasn't riding and just had some broken bones now, I'm wiser and wear a safety helment and a rodeo vest. Ask your friend if she will let you groom the pony and lead it around and progress to tacking it up.If you feel safer working with the pony. Maybe a helmet and a vest will also make you feel safer.<br />
Even those of us that have had horses forever get rattled sometimes. Horses don't mean to hurt us they really don't. They are just big and powerful. I got hurt by one of our Percherons who got scared and what Charms was trying to do was get to me and he did but he was a young horse then and couldn't stop so he accidently plowed into me. I ended up with my head under his back legs but he NEVER moved and let me crawl out from under him only after I crawled a safe distance away did he come to me and lower his neck for me to grab his mane and pull me up.Even now he keeps the other horses from crowding me.

Well, I congratulate you on your personal victory, it's hard to face your fears, trust me i know. My friend wanted me to go swimming in a small lake, it was murky and i couldn't see the bottom. I'm terrified of water that i can't see through easily. But i managed a few minutes in the water with her, i was so proud. Again, congrats on your victory, seems like a small step to others, but to you, i'm sure it's huge. :)