They Choose Us

I seem to end up with loonies every time (other people say 'your dogs/cats always have such big personalities').

My first Rottweiler had a phantom litter, didn't realise and got a kitten (cos we'd lost a cat and our other mog was bereft), she fed him herself. He got enormous and attacked evrything in sight until we lost him at 18. I still swear he had Rott mum coursing through his veins for 18years!

What would we do for a good laugh and someone to listen any time without them? The joy of my life.

DebG DebG
46-50, F
2 Responses Aug 27, 2008

Animals listen to your problems, try to comfort you when you are down, and never tell anyone any of your secrets. Every animal I had bears this out.

Now, if I had a doggie [Boston Terrier, please] life would be perfect.

Lovely story. I believe that the dogs we have in our lives are ment to be with us I have always felt that about the ones I have had the priveledge of having over the years. It all began with my first greyhound back in 1986 she died in 1993. I have had whippets since that time.In 2005 I lost my whippet puppy. He was just nine months old when he was diagnosed with a cerebral tumor and haemophelia inflictions that would cause him emense pain and suffering I just could not allow him to suffer any more so I let him go with love I decided to share the uniqe love with a needy hound who had never known love and what having a home was like thus Connor my now seven year old greyhound came into our lives my other whippet´s and mine. In 2008 I moved to a bigger place where I was allowed to keep two more greyhounds and they joined my wee family. I could not be happier than I am with my four lads the love of my life.