My 2 Cats

I love my two Cats Though one of them has a strange name as people seem to always tell me. But why have a *normal* name? I love my animals and they are both strange just like me. Have you ever heard of the saying Learn from something else? Well My animals and I both learn from each other, My oldest cat *4 yrs old* Swats at things he's never seen before, and I've picked up on it. Its strange how it happened . My youngest cat *2 yrs old* stares at the little dust particles that float around thats sometimes hard for the human eye to see. When it catches my eyes I stare at it until I can't see it anymore. 

What is really cute with my cats is when they play fight or fight what ever it is to them they fight like the guys on UFC fight. So I don't bother watching it. When my cats fight I would rather see who really wins or who gives up first. ha ha I love my cats, I wouldn't have them any other way! 

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1 Response Apr 27, 2010

I also have two cats. They are brothers and they share and fight as such. They are so much a part of each others life that I really cannot imagine one lasting very long without the other.