Animals Are My Life...

Every since I was little I've loved animals and wanted to have my own zoo. Just one problem with that; to say that my mom HATES animals would be an understatement. My parents are divorced and my dad used to let me have animals, but then he would always get rid of them which absolutely broke my heart every time. I've had cockatiels, gerbils, and a cat at my dad's house, but they never lasted. I've always wanted to save an animal and give it a better life.

My mom finally bought me a puppy from a puppy mill for chistmas. I would have rather saved an animal, but I love my dog anyways. She's literally my best friend. The only thing that I hate about having my dog is that because my parents hate animals and animal fur, my dog is an outdoor dog only. I feel so bad that she can't come inside and spend more time with me. For another christmas my mom got me this hermit crab kit that had a cage and all these supplies. Well a couple months later I decided I wanted to get one and my mom was like, "Oh no, you can't get anymore pets." I only have one pet, a dog, and why would she get me a hermit crab kit for christmas if she didn't want me having one?

For the past several years I've felt this overcoming urge to save dogs. I have almost an obbsession with checking the pet section of craigslist. I don't know why I do, because it just makes me sad that I can't help more animals and save more dogs. I told my parents that I want to start a small rescue saving dogs that are gnna go to the pound. I see so many ads showing dogs that people are trying to get rid of. It makes me so sad that I can do nothing to help them. I want so much to just save at least one dog. But my parents excuse is, " If the people are getting rid of it, it must have a problem. And why would we need a problem dog?" or "You can't save all the animals in the world". How can I express how much animals are a part of my life and how much they mean to me?
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You really can't express how much they mean to you. I only know, because I'm the same way. I want all animals to be happy.

I feel exactly the same. I often wish I could save every cat and unwanted animal in the world. I want all of them to be happy and healthy.<br />
I want to love them all.