Animal Lover

I'm a big animal lover. I have always loved animals. They seem to love me as well. I can't watch nature shows at all. They seem to make me cry. I have anilmals that I tend. They like me so much. i like to giv e them a hard time. When ever I see othe peoples pets. They seem to like me as well. I guess that its something about me. Even dogs that would be mean if they don't know who you are. They seem to like me way to much. All of my buddys are four legged animals. I guess its because they can't back talk and be mean to me at all.
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22-25, F
1 Response Jul 28, 2010

I love animals too and one of the great thing about animals is they never talk back but that is the big disadvantage of animals too as you need some meaningful communication that involves a dialogue at times otherwise life can be very lonely.