Visiting My Aunt...

When I was like about 9 years old I use to live in an apartment but now I live somewhere else. I had a dream that I was with my brother where I use to live, me and him where gonig up and down the stairs from the apartments and then I found the apartment where we use to live an *thinking* nobody lived there I shook the door knob to see if it was unlocked and it was so I opened the door, but when I opened the door I heard a voice say ¨whos there?¨ and I closed the door. but then the person opened the door and it was my aunt dressed in white *white baggy pants and a white baggy sweatshirt* and her hair was all messed up and she looked old, tiered and sad, but a soon as she found out it was me at the door she smiled and huged me * she was so happy * she invited me inside, when I got inside EVERYTHING was white the door, the walls, the furniture, the carpet, etc... I asked her why everything was white she said ¨because you told me to make everything white...¨ I dont remember the rest : (
but it was sure wierd dreaming that my aunt lives in the apartmente where I used to live and seeing her in that tired an lonely. It made me feel like if she feels lonely.
8ZaMMy8 8ZaMMy8
Aug 6, 2010