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I love animals so much,especially dogs as I am the proud owner of three and during my lifetime of ownership have suffered the loss of two.The grief I felt when my first Border Collie passed away was all consuming.I never previously thought that theloss of such a loved animal would have the effect on me as it did.I had spent 13 years with that dog from the age of 21 to 34,the time when my physical body was at its peak,oh all the wonderful experiences we shared,Captain was his name,he went almost everywhere with me all except work,the bond we shared was just amazing,he always picked up upon when I was under the weather and would be at my side to comfort me.I will not recall his ending as emotionally after all the passing years I still well up.
Currently the gang consists of a seventeen year old Border Collie,she is quite deaf and has limited vision however she still has a zest for life and can still put the other two in their places when need be.Then there comes a four year old pedigree pomeranium who is red in color,she was bred as a show dog however as a puppy she fell jumping down a step and broke her paw.As the paw has a slight curve in it the owners felt she was no longer good enough to show hence she was re homed with me.A wonderful little girl who is tiney however thinks she is a big dog and is afraid of nothing.The youngest is another Border Collie,he is a fine strapping young lad at 3 years old and is the best of friends with the Pom,whenever she is in the garden out he follows to protect her,it is wonderful to see.
I have always loved cats,however I am alergic to their fur so that barrs me from having one as a pet.
I am strongly considering converting the top of the garden in order to accommodate some hens,I have always liked them and it would be good to have fresh organic eggs.
All animals are precious in their own special way,I can not abide animal cruelty and feel the offenders when caught should do some bird!
They need to be punished and a small fine simply is not enough punishment for the crime
I am bursting with pride with my animals and hope to continue for many happy years with them in my life :-)
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i would spend my days and life around animals 24/7 if i could.....:-)

I agree with you. Animals have always had a special place in my heart since I was a little girl. They always seem to understand you, and more so than people sometimes. I am sorry to hear that you are allergic to cats. They are the most beautiful, mysterious animals I have come across and it annoys me when I hear people say "I hate cats." Sometimes I wonder if they say it because others say it? Just a thought. Anyways, I am glad to come across another animal lover. Give your pups some hugs for me ( I love border collies).

Thank you for your kind comment.

Pets are a treasure for sure.